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Start the New Year off with the only evergreen writing bootcamp you will ever need to get your book off the ground!

No matter where you are in the process, from unwritten concept to a working outline, the Write Life – Level 1 will cover all of the writing basics that most new authors overlook. The course was designed by a published author, professional Ghostwriter and Writing Coach to address all of the most stumbling blocks in the writing process.

We have resources for both fiction and non-fiction that will help to plot and plan every aspect of your finished project and will be here the entire step of the way to field any questions or concerns you have along the journey.

After completing this course, you are welcome to join the 8 week intensive Level 2 workshop that is fully interactive – complete with personalized coaching. If you already a fairly advanced writer and just want to take your work to the next level, feel free to bypass this entirely and head straight there!

features of this course include:

  • Self-paced curriculum
  • Access to proprietary worksheets
  • Accountability Modules
  • Facilitator oversight and engagement
  • Paths for fiction and nonfiction
  • 25% off The Write Life – Level 2



Learning Path

Lesson 1 – Ideal Writing Enviroment

In this lesson we will go over the steps needed to build a strong foundation and set you up for success.

Video 2 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Lesson 2 – Definitions & Terminology Made Simple

While most of us all know the definitions or the dictionary definitions, in this lesson I elaborate on how they relate to the writing process, and why they’re important for you to know.

Video 2 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Lesson 3 – Resources & Worksheets

In this lesson we go over the resources that are provided throughout the course.

Video 2 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Lesson 4 – Know Your Audience

This is where we start to think just a little bit more, before diving in. Who are you writing this book for? And why? 

Video 2 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Lesson 5 – Time To Write

Here we actually get our hands dirty and start writing!

Video 2 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Lesson 6 – Your Outline

This lesson is all about outlines, why you need one and how to create and use one.

Video 2 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Lesson 7 – Weaving It All Together

In this lesson we address the overwhelm many writers feel at this stage in the process and focus on tools and strategies to tie it all together.

Video 2 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Lesson 8 – Support & Accountability

Next steps, finding support and accountability so you can reach the finish line and finally have a publishable book.

Video 2 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

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