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We offer 3 courses, scroll down for more information to register click on the link associated with each course below.

The Write Life – Level 1

Entry level, self-paced writing course that will give beginners all the tools needed to start working on their project.

The Write Life –
Level 2

8 week intensive writing course with group coaching and open office hours to provide support and guidance.

Movie Mastery

8 week intensive screenplay writing course that will clearly outline not only how to write a screenplay but also how to turn it into a book, or how to adapt an existing book into a screenplay.

What’s Included

Here are a few of our course features.

Hosted on Sutra

Always Accessible

Zoom & E-mail

Access to Industry Experts

Access to numerous industry experts who can further guide you in other areas after the course is complete

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the focus?

The primary focus is to make writing fun and easy for those at all comfort and skill levels.

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